As we approach the first Sunday of Advent, let us remember that Advent is all about waiting. Waiting for the Messiah. Waiting for Emmanuel. Waiting for Jesus Christ to come.

Our overall theme for Advent this year is Waiting. Each Sunday, we will examine what it means to wait in different ways as we get closer and closer to Christmas Day where the waiting will be over.

The first Sunday, we will examine Waiting. The second Sunday, we will examine Accepting. The third Sunday, we will examine Journeying. The fourth Sunday, we will examine Birthing. These themes are traditional Carmelite themes that are rooted in the experience of childbearing, but they are also deeply human themes. They are themes that arise constantly throughout Scripture and a life of faith. We have all had these experiences, whether we experienced them personally or experienced them alongside someone going through them. They are where the divine and the human most clearly intersect and entangle themselves with one another.

As we look towards the the star in the East, awaiting the arrival of the Christ, let us come together to wait, to accept, to journey, and to birth.

Please join us at Live Oak Church of the Brethren during this season of Advent.


Call to Renewed Discipleship

Taken from the Church of the Brethren website:

A letter has been written to the Church of the Brethren by Annual Conference moderator Carol Scheppard and general secretary David Steele, calling the church and its members to renewed discipleship to Jesus Christ.The letter invites us to be reminded–before a season of waiting–of whom we await.

We invite all Brethren to renew their baptismal confession by asking the three profound questions that have been a part of our practice of the Lord’s Supper:

Are you in right relationship with God as you professed upon your baptism?

     Are you in right relationship with your sisters and brothers in Christ?

     Are you in right relationship with your neighbor?


To read the letter in its entirety, please click the link below: