Harvest Festival: Save the Date

Save the Date: Harvest Festival is Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Jim Tanimoto Presentation, Sept. 10, 6pm

Hello, Dear Friends,


I’m writing to let you know about an upcoming event at the Live Oak Church of the Brethren.  On Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016,  Jim Tanimoto, respected Gridley farmer and longtime resident, (and father of my childhood friend Judy)  will be sharing information about his incarceration at Tule Lake during WWII; as you are no doubt aware, all persons of Japanese heritage living on the West Coast were rounded up and sent to concentration camps during the war.  Later, those who refused to sign the loyalty oath were labeled trouble makers and were sent to the segregation camp at Tule Lake.


Jim is the last living resident of Block #42 at Tule Lake, and it is his goal to continue telling people about this piece of WWII history for as long as he can, to as many people as he can.  As Jim said to me, “Linda, if I tell my story to even one person, it’s worth my time. That one person will tell another person, who will pass it on to others.”


The back story, for me, is that I was blessed and honored to be able to attend the Tule Lake Pilgrimage in Klamath Falls this year with the extended Tanimoto family. What an amazing experience! On the return bus trip, Jim asked me if I knew that the Live Oak Church of the Brethren had sent invitations/announcements to Tule Lake inviting the incarcerated people of  Japanese heritage to come to Live Oak if they needed help transitioning back into life outside the camp. I knew our church had been helpful to those returning, but I had never heard that an invitation had been sent to the camp, and I didn’t know that some of the returnees had been provided living space in the social hall of the church. When I asked Jim if he’d like to come share his story with the Live Oak Church of the Brethren, he gave a resounding yes!


I hope you will be able to come and be  “a person who hears this story and is able to pass it on to others.”


What: Jim Tanimoto sharing his story of incarceration at Tule Lake


When: Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.


Where: Live Oak Church of the Brethren

1990 Archer Ave.

Live Oak, CA 95953


Hoping to see you there!

Linda Groff Haines